Lazy Sunday

It's over 80 degrees out. The best Sunday we've had in awhile.

Todays Projects:

  • Andy.Blue stuff
    • Disqus is now setup
    • Email address working
    • Cron to update the featured posts running
    • Twitter plugin fixed
  • Motorcycle Stuff
    • Cleaned the bike
    • Pulled old rim tape off bike
    • Burnt myself with the heat gun removing the tape
    • Put new rim tape on the bike
    • Went for a ride

Whats left to do today? Not a single thing. Sit outside and do nothing.

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Spinning... I'm exhausted

So I started going spinning about a week ago... I think I may potentially be hooked.

I am attempting to get 4 to 5 classes in a week. My legs hurt all the time, my best friend laughs at me regularly. It's fun so far. Every instructor is wildly different. I haven't found one I don't like yet. Some like to count everything out, others like to just bounce to the music. Some classes are dance parties, others feel like I'm trying to find my inner zen. All of it is fun, and very very hard.

Things you should know

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